Dear Students /Parents/Teachers/Staff & Management of AID & JPGA

Hearty congratulations to all of us as we celebrate the 69th Republic Day. It is a proud moment for all of us to be part of such big democracy in the world. Republic Day is held to commemorate India’s Constitution which came into force on 26th January 1950. The Honourable President of India takes Military salute in New Delhi and the State Governor takes military salute at the State capital. It is also important to know every year Heads of State from different countries are invited to be our Honourable guests at the massive Republic Day parade held at New Delhi. Military parade and different State’s cultural diversity and school children’s performances take place. All distinguished political ,administrative and the Armed Services heads and its personnel and importantly the school children and public are part of this massive celebrations which we all watch on television and those lucky would have witnessed it directly. Today not one but 10 Heads of State of the Asean countries will be our Honourable Guests in New Delhi Republic Day celebrations. Incidentally our theme for the fancy dress competition is also coinciding with the same. I am sure the parents and teachers would have found it mind rattling to get the appropriate costumes but I am also sure the ever innovative parents and teachers would have succeeded in the same.

JP Global Academy is making its mark in the region and we are taking baby steps. We believe in healthy competition and not crass commercialisation. We do not want to promise moon but we will guarantee to make your children into healthy, competitive citizens with appropriate social, cultural and secular values. This is our guarantee to make the childhood of your children as most cherishable.

We are happy to announce that from the coming academic year of 2018-19 we are adding Class 6 to our school. Class 6 is again an important milestone and for any children who want to migrate from different boards to CBSE this is an opportune moment. We request all the parents to kindly support the school team in spreading the word around among your family, friends and neighbours.

We are also happy to announce we have aligned with the school sports pioneer Edu Sports to emphasise on the same rigour on sports and physical education as in academics. The progress of the children in this sector will also be monitored and shared with parents from time to time.

In the end of March 2018 we will be conducting school annual Day and Children’s Carnival.

Wishing you all Happy Republic Day

Jai Hind