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Parents Information

1. This section is designed to provide all parents and guardians with maximum information they require as their child progresses through JP Global Academy.
2. All the School holidays and the term holidays will be pre designed so that parents can adequately plan for their holidays and outings or any other engagements.
3. The School calendar will detail all the key events that are happening during the school days, after the school or at the week end or even during the school holidays.
4. All the circulars sent home will be available online class wise as well. Parents can access communication relevant to their child.
5. You can know the progress, attendance, behaviour, home tasks of your child.
6. This will enable the parents to provide appropriate learning support to the children
7. Direct contact between families and the teaching staff is important and we are providing this facility for which you can use the online form.
8. We know there is lots more information that helps you support your child and the school.
9. We have provided further details on school uniform, school transport, the school day and after school activities.
10. If there is anything we are not sufficiently covering at the moment, please feel free to contact us by visiting the relevant area of our site.