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Parents Corner

Dear Parents,
Good wishes and seasons greetings for the year. On behalf of JP Global Academy we extend our warm welcome to you and your children.
"Na chor haryam, na raajya haryam, na bhratra bhajyam, na cha bharakaani
Vyaye krate vardhate nityam, vidya dhanam sarva dhanam pradhanam."

The above popular Sanskrit verse means:
The wealth that cannot be stolen, neither abducted by state, nor can be divided among brothers, Neither it is burden to carry, the wealth that increases by giving, Knowledge is the supreme form of wealth. With the above motto we at JPGA will instil the values of education to the children.We are confident that this long partnership towards the attainment of quality education & holistic development of the children will be enlightening and enriching. We expect that we will mutually share this joint responsibility to make this journey enjoyable and a grand success.

It is our endeavour to impart quality education enriched with cultural, moral, social & ethical values so that they become future assets for the nation. Aiming at holistic development sports and co-curricular activities would be adequately compensated. We strongly believe in secular values and in accordance to the same we will be imparting to children importance of the same through special sessions. Children will be encouraged to participate in healthy dialogue and debates. Parents co-operation is utmost important to successfully implement all our plans. We would also be hosting lot of events throughout the year to enable the parents and the community to actively participate in development of children and the school.

We look forward towards your association with us.