JP GLOBAL ACADEMY a new cbse school has been opened in Iyyapanthangal in Chennai on 6th July 2016. This school is backed by trust Alternative for India Development (AID) whose founding members are followers of the socialist leader Late Jayaprakash Narayan. The trust has been doing yeoman service in the field of education, health, women and community empowerment, IT enabled services and rural banking for the past three decades in the states of T. Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Orissa.

In education sector we have experience of imparting child centric education and exposure to international school education through school to school exchange programs and involved in governance of the schools in UK.

JPGA is a global institution amidst local communities in Chennai focussing on overall excellence of individual comprising of academic and co-curricular activities. Quality education would be adequately compensated with sports, recreational and performing arts.

Our school premises house warming took place involving multi faith leaders. We wish to inculcate values of humanity and respect and tolerance towards all religions as the first priority for the children. Towards this goal the foundation for our humble beginning in the organised educational sector began.

On 6th July a new beginning of the school with participation of multi-faith leaders, their prayers, their blessings and installation of their religious symbol in the school took place.  This is the foundation being laid for all the children, teachers and non-teaching staff including all the parents and the community in general that humanity surpasses all other aspects of religion. Respect and regard and the need to draw the salient features of each and every religion is an important aspect for the children and the larger community in general to imbibe.

This multi faith prayer began with Hindu rites under which Ganapati Homan was held by Shri.Nagarajan Iyer . This was followed by further prayers from the neighbouring temples. Prayers of Christian faith were held by Rev.Francis Rajadas & his team.  Shri S.S.Jain Sangh  Porur their prayers led by Shri.  Jabarchand &  Shri. Lalitchand Jain

And the Islamic prayers were held by Imam Ammani Mosque Iyyapanthangal. Shri Gurunanak Sath Sangh Sabha also did Ardas at the school premises led by Shri .  Harbinder singh & Shri.Ranvir Singh

The entire program was done under the leadership of its founder member Dr.K.S.Sunanda, Dr.K.T.Arasu – Director, Mrs. Shanthi Sukumar – Principal , Mrs. Mekala Raghupathi Treasurer, Mr.Deenadayalan Co-ordinator and all members of the trust AID.