Importance of Education

Education is self-enlightening process which is important for overall development of an individual and society at large.Schools play a key role in developing children into responsible citizens and good human beings. It’s school where young talent is recognised and nurtured.Kautilya an Indian philosopher very rightly underlined the importance of education 2000 years ago.  He has highlighted the fact that education enables people to understand themselves. He said education is an investment in human capital and it can have a great impact on nation’s growth and development.Education should not be limited to lessons from text books. Real education is obtained from the lessons thought out by life. It is instrumental in development of our virtues and values. It cultivates us into mature individuals capable of planning for the future, take right decisions in life.  It wipes out wrong beliefs from mind and makes us more self-aware. It enlightens us. Education leads to knowledge , empowerment , unleashes the potentials of the students and it acts as gateway for learning.




Our Background

JPGA is fully backed by Alternative For India Development (AID) – registered trust with 4 decades of experience behind it. The founders are followers of late Loknayak Jaya Prakash Narain (JP) who was freedom fighter, socialist leader and who galvanised students and youth to work against corruption, social discrimination and work towards Total Transformation. AID worked among children, youth, women towards inclusive communities. It works in Pan India level with focus on education, ICT, skill building, financial inclusion, e governance, health and self enabling and self sustaining communities. They also have extensive exposure to international education arena as well with International school to school partnerships, Global school education programs and development education programs. With solid experience behind them they would like to start comprehensive institution in Chennai city which caters to all the educational needs of the community in the region.With wide experience of child centric and participatory education it would also aim to draw inputs from parents, students and local communities to shape the future of the children. Read More




JP Global Academy (JPGA ) aims to set up an institution of global standards amidst local communities in Chennai focussing on overall excellence of individual comprising of academic and co-curricular activities. It would be catering to various forms of education and recreational activities under one roof.  Quality education would be adequately compensated with sports .recreational and performing arts. The campus would also be providing opportunities for extension education, specialist education coaching for professional courses catering to all sectors and age groups of the community.


Vidhya dhanam sarva dhanam pradhanam

(Knowledge is supreme form of wealth)




Our Vision

Nurture children aiming at their holistic development ,cultivating  – moral, emotional, physical, psychological, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual values.To provide a stimulating learning environment with ICT (technological) orientation across the whole curriculum maximising students potential , ensuring students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet challenges of education, work and life. We value partnerships which exists between school, parents and community and the part it plays in realising this vision

Our Mission

To prepare children to be human, compassionate and caring citizens Our understanding that diversity of gender, class, caste, religion, physical or mental ability, culture and background is a strength to be respected. We believe each child is an individual; all children are creative and all children need to succeed. We will encourage young boys and girls to develop with creative minds, sense of understanding and human values and strive for total development of each child.





Vidhya dhanam sarva dhanam pradhanam

(Knowledge is supreme form of wealth)


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